are virtual now

We introduce you to the new 3D virtual experience, where you can do all kinds of events in the same way as you did in reality, but 100% virtual.

Live it now, from any device.

Your events

The epicenter of the event. A completely brandable area, from the stands to the mupis and banners.

Fairs & Expos

An amphitheater for 500 people, with a giant screen where you can project presentations, videos, webcam or share your screen.

Conferences &

You can have online corporate meetings, employee training in a private and exclusive area.

Workshops &
Team buildings

Launch the new vehicle or the next smartphone. Everything is possible! Our 3D platform is the ideal showcase to surprise your customers.


Networking rooms where attendees can generate experiences with partners and future clients and even share their personal data in a single click.


Our concert hall is the perfect place to host a theme party, New Years Eve event or live music.



We make event management and organization simple for companies and business professionals

Savings in every way

Travel, food and accommodation costs for attendees, guests and organizers are completely eliminated.

The rental costs of fairgrounds, equipment and audiovisual resources are significantly reduced.

Printing costs for advertising blankets, posters, stands and surrounding decoration are reduced.

An amazing experience

We speak of a total immersion in a 3D world without leaving home, where relationships are created, you can buy or sell and live all kinds of activities.

Participation through a personalized avatar introduces the game factor. Gamification immediately leads to greater participation and commitment.

All engagement and interaction can be evaluated and analyzed to enhance the experience for future events.

A commitment to our planet

We live in a crucial moment where physical social distancing is vital. We are the healthy alternative to massive events without the physical crowds.

By using our technology, companies eliminate waste paper, plastic, and organic matter generated at real events.

CO2 emissions caused by air and land transport are eliminated

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Let's schedule a meeting and get to know our virtual world for your next event.

You'll be surprised.


San José, Costa Rica

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